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  • Inflation’s Drivers on The Geopolitical Hour
    In this episode of Geopolitical Economy Hour, economists Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson discuss inflation: what it is, what causes it, and what are the problems in how the Federal Reserve and other central banks respond to it. Transcript RADHIKA DESAI: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the second Geopolitical Economy Hour.... Read more »
  • Introducing the Geopolitical Economy Hour
    Radhika: Hi everyone, and welcome to this Geopolitical Economy Hour. I’m Radhika Desai. Michael: And I’m Michael Hudson. Radhika: Every fortnight we are going to meet for an hour to discuss major development in the fast-changing geopolitical economy of our twenty-first-century world. We’ll discuss international developments. We’ll discuss their roots... Read more »
  • Systemic Sponsors of Self-Interest
    Q & A transcript from our 4th Patreon event.  Please join Michael’s Patreon group as a Patreon Plus member, so that you too can join us and ask Michael any question at our next session in March.  Karl Fitzgerald (KF): To start off with our typical end-of-year topic: How have... Read more »
  • China the Change Agent – Patreon Q&A #3
    Each quarter, Patreon Plus supporters can ask Michael questions. Here is a transcript of the most recent one, just in time for our next Q&A this Thursday. Please support Michael’s work via his Patreon page. Karl Fitzgerald: Alright, let’s get into it. We’ve got lots of good questions. Welcome, everyone.... Read more »
  • Michael Hudson’s Patreon Q&A
    It’s time for our quarterly Q&A with Michael! Please support Michael’s important work via his Patreon page. Theme: NATO’s provocative role in Eastern Europe. If you are a Patron Plus supporter on Patreon, you will be able to register. Anyone upgrading to Patron Plus at least 24 hours prior to... Read more »

    Mother Jones

  • Shoot Down the Balloon, You Coward! (And Please Also Donate $35 to Republicans.)
    President Joe Biden seems to be pretty unhappy about the suspected Chinese spy balloon flying over Montana. His administration signaled this by postponing Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s trip to Beijing—less than a day before Blinken was supposed to depart. Donald Trump apparently prefers a different response. “SHOOT DOWN THE... Read more »
  • VideoThe Future of American Environmental Protests May be Unfolding in a Forest Outside Atlanta
    The past two weeks have marked a significant escalation in the years-long struggle over the proposed construction of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center (PSTC), a $90 million project that would be built on nearly 100 acres of city-owned land in an unincorporated section of DeKalb County—Georgia’s fourth largest county... Read more »
  • VideoThe Far-Right Bounty Hunter Behind the Explosive Popularity of “Died Suddenly”
    On January 5, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) tweeted about the unexpected passing of Quentin Williams, a Democratic member of the Connecticut House of Representatives. “Terrible news today of Q Williams sudden death,” he wrote. “I’m sending every good thought I have to his family and friends today.” Most of the... Read more »
  • VideoBefore a 6-Year-Old Shot His Teacher, the School District Failed on Threat Assessment
    A decade ago, with school shootings on the rise across the country, Virginia passed a law requiring all K-12 districts to adopt a violence-prevention method called threat assessment. The method—which relies on trained teams of administrators, counselors, police officers, and others to evaluate and manage alarming behavior—is designed to help... Read more »
  • The IRS Over-Audits Black People. Why Won’t the GOP Say Anything?
    At first I figured the Republicans would be all over this. I guess I figured wrong. I’m referring to the bombshell working paper that made headlines earlier this week, in which a team of academic and Treasury Department economists found that the IRS audits Black taxpayers at roughly three to... Read more »
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