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  • Reciprocal Ignorance: East-West
    Geopolitical Economy Hour, September 23, 2023.  BRICS or NATO? G20 or G77? Summits debate changing world order RADHIKA DESAI: Hello and welcome to the 17th Geopolitical Economy Hour, the show that examines the fast-changing political and geopolitical economy of our times. I’m Radhika Desai. MICHAEL HUDSON: And I’m Michael Hudson.... Read more »
  • Financial Conquest So Insidious
    On this episode of RT’s Going Underground, we speak to former Wall Street Financial Analyst Michael Hudson, author of ‘The Collapse of Antiquity’. He discusses the origins of debt stemming from the oligarchy-dominated Ancient Greek and Roman ‘democracies’, the tradition of debt cancellation, and how the Roman and Greek oligarchies... Read more »
  • High Finance & Investment Colonialism
    “Imperialism: How the struggle of both classes and nations creates our world” Geopolitical Hour 16, August 29, 2023. RADHIKA DESAI: Hello and welcome to the 16th Geopolitical Economy Hour, the fortnightly show in which we discuss the political and geopolitical economy of our times. I’m Radhika Desai. MICHAEL HUDSON: And... Read more »
  • BRICS Keep Building
    BRICS+ is here. Danny Haiphong interviews Michael Hudson and Pepe Escobar, August 25, 2023. DANNY HAIPHONG: As you can see, it’s your host, Danny Haiphong, and I’m joined by two very special guests, friends of each other and friends of this show. We have the renowned economist Michael Hudson, author... Read more »
  • Creating an Independent World
      Michael Hudson: Debt, Sponsors of the Wars, Future of USD and BRICS AK: Hello everyone.  Welcome back to my channel. I see we are live already, perfectly on time, with a Swiss Precision today, because I have fantastic guest – Mr. Michael Hudson, who has been recommended to me by the one and... Read more »

    Mother Jones

  • Dianne Feinstein Had a Complicated Environmental Record
    This story was originally published by the Grist and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Senator Dianne Feinstein, who died on Thursday evening at the age of 90, leaves behind a long and complex legacy on climate and environmental issues. Feinstein represented California as a Democrat in the US Senate for... Read more »
  • New York City Is Underwater. There’s More Trouble in the Pipes.
    New York City is underwater. As heavy rainfall hits the northeast, making the city’s roads impassable and halting train and subway service, social media videos show flooding through holes in subway walls and water rushing into buses and cars—as well as sewage pushing up into homes. Twenty-three million people in the... Read more »
  • Donald Trump, Stochastic Terrorist
    Editor’s note: The below article first appeared in David Corn’s newsletter, Our Land. The newsletter comes out twice a week (most of the time) and provides behind-the-scenes stories and articles about politics, media, and culture. Subscribing costs just $5 a month—but you can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Our Land here. Plus, David Corn’s American Psychosis: A... Read more »
  • Dianne Feinstein and the Knife Fight in the Phone Booth
    “As president of the Board of Supervisors, it’s my duty to make this announcement. Both Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk have been shot and killed. The suspect is…Supervisor Dan White.” —Dianne Feinstein, Nov. 27, 1978 Unlike the murders that were the catalyst for her national political career, Dianne Feinstein’s... Read more »
  • Whistleblower: GOP Investigators Didn’t Want to Hear Allegations of Russian Influence Over Rudy
    House Republicans really don’t want to hear from Rudy Giuliani. Though their impeachment crusade grew out of the former New York City mayor’s anti-Biden machinations, the GOP-led House Oversight Committee spent much of Thursday’s impeachment inquiry hearing voting down repeated efforts by Democrats to subpoena Giuliani and Lev Parnas, his former sidekick.... Read more »
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