• mp3Gregory Shupak and Trita Parsi on Gaza Assault
    As the US falls more out of step with the world, many in the US press seem divorced from the idea of US responsibility. The post Gregory Shupak and Trita Parsi on Gaza Assault appeared first on FAIR.... Read more »
  • mp3Ariel Adelman on Disability Civil Rights
    Acheson v. Laufer is another example of “weaponizing the courts to dismantle labor protections, housing rights and health guidelines.” The post Ariel Adelman on Disability Civil Rights appeared first on FAIR.... Read more »
  • VideoMedia That Benefit From Inequality Prefer to Talk About Other Things
    The rapid rise in inequality over recent decades should have generated deep alarm in news media. But there’s little sign of distress. The post Media That Benefit From Inequality Prefer to Talk About Other Things appeared first on FAIR.... Read more »
  • mp3Rakeen Mabud on Greedflation
    The same people who earn wages also buy groceries, and pretending that we’re pitted against one another is not just mis- but disinformation. The post Rakeen Mabud on Greedflation appeared first on FAIR.... Read more »
  • mp3Aron Thorn on Texas Border Standoff
    What if there isn’t a "border crisis" so much as an absence of historical understanding, of empathy, of community resourcing? The post Aron Thorn on Texas Border Standoff appeared first on FAIR.... Read more »

    Michael Hudson

  • New School University race to the bottom
    I found a story in Saturday’s New York Times that I think epitomizes the crapification of higher education in the United States. It concerns the New School, where I taught at the graduate faculty from 1969 to 1972 (when it was still called the New School for Social Research). Sharon... Read more »
  • Pathways to Solutions
    Economic solutions: How to go from financialized neoliberalism to a productive, sustainable economy. Geopolitical Hour 22, February 9, 2024. RADHIKA DESAI: Hello and welcome to the 22nd Geopolitical Economy Hour, the show that examines the fast-changing political and geopolitical economy of our times. I’m Radhika Desai. MICHAEL HUDSON: I’m Michael... Read more »
  • VideoEfficiency is Hilarious
    Dialogue Works, January 18, 2024. First part: https://youtu.be/ifnCakYJNVM or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifnCakYJNVM Second part: https://youtu.be/LAagE-7BLN4, Dialogue works (Nima): when it comes to capitalism, they’re talking about that capitalism is by far the most effective and productive economic system. Ohio Senator, James Vance, just recently said that Russia produces as much ammunition in a day... Read more »
  • Credit the Economic Planner
    HAIPHONG:Welcome, everyone. Welcome to the stream. It’s Danny Haiphong, your host. As you can see, I’m joined by the renowned economist and author, Professor Michael Hudson. You can find his website in the video description. Please do hit the like button as we begin. That helps boost this stream. And,... Read more »
  • Perfecting Imperialism
    Michael Hudson: “US imperialism, Krugman, de-dollarization, socialism, Palestine, China.” India and Global Left, January 13, 2024, with Jyotishman Mudiar. “This is the problem China will face.” JM: Hello, and welcome to another episode of India and Global Left. Today, we have with us the economist Michael Hudson. Michael, welcome back... Read more »

    Mother Jones

  • Secretly Intercepted Phone Calls Show How Russia’s Propaganda Fueled Violence
    On February 16, Russian authorities announced that Aleksei Navalny, President Vladimir Putin’s most formidable political opponent, had suffered “sudden death syndrome” while on a walk at an Arctic penal colony where he was serving a 30-year sentence. In the wake of the Russian opposition leader’s death, this week’s episode of Reveal—produced... Read more »
  • Fox News Aired Some Dumb Racist Shit About Trump’s New Sneakers This Week
    Donald Trump’s newly launched $399 “Never Surrender High-Tops” had Fox News gushing about his savvy appeal to Black voters this week. Urgh. “They love sneakers,” explained Fox commentator Raymond Arroyo. “This is a big deal. Certainly in the inner city.” My reaction? This is one of the most frustrating parts... Read more »
  • How US Air Pollution, Ironically, Has Kept Climate Hazards in Check
    This story was originally published by Grist and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. The past half-century has seen remarkable improvements in air quality in many parts of the world, thanks largely to legislation like the Clean Air Act. Efforts like these took aim at pollutants like the group... Read more »
  • Being Denied a Press Pass at CPAC Was the Best Way to Cover the Conference
    I’ve attended the Conservative Political Action Conference almost yearly since 2009, always as a credentialed reporter. While there, I’ve seen the early attacks on President Barack Obama, the improbable popularity of libertarian Texas Rep. Ron Paul. I witnessed the rise of the Tea Party, listened to dozens of failed political... Read more »
  • The GOP Border Bill Would Deport Families of Child Migrants
    As the battle over the border rages in Congress, many Republicans are pushing to advance a bill that would revive one of the Trump era’s harshest policies: deporting family members in the US who step forward to take in unaccompanied migrant children. “It would be a wholly preventable crisis.” It’s... Read more »
Norman Finkelstein


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