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  • Infant Mortality: a look at how Cuba and Venezuela ranked in 1980
    In 1980, Venezuela’s infant mortality rate ranked 58th best in the world, far below Cuba, whose infant mortality rate was 28th that year. Infant mortality is a basic Venezuela’s infant mortality rate in 1980 was more than twice as high as that in Cuba – all according to the 2018... Read more »
  • Some notable facts about Venezuela’s oil history
    Venezuela has been an important oil exporter since the 1920s. See this essay for historical details. As the chart below shows, It was not until the 1970s that big Middle east oil exporters like Saudi Arabia and Iran overtook Venezuela in oil production  ... Read more »
  • Independence and Constitution in Spain
    There’s a serious political problem in the Spanish Kingdom that seems difficult to resolve and leads to a vicious circle. Probably because of the influence  of Francoist ideology, having independence as an objective is contrary to the Spanish Constitution, (art.2 insists on “The indissoluble unity of the Nation (…),” for... Read more »
  • Conflict or Cooperation in U.S.-China Relations?
    The United States and China, the world’s mightiest military and economic powers, are currently heading toward a Cold War or even a hot one, with disastrous consequences.  But an alternative path is available and could be taken. Beginning in 2018, U.S. government policy toward China turned sharply hostile, bringing relations... Read more »
  • Nationalism on the Decline
    Although, beginning in about 2015, nationalist political parties made enormous advances in countries around the world, more recently they have been on the wane. The nationalist surge was led by a new generation of rightwing populist demagogues who, feeding on public discontent with widespread immigration and economic stagnation, achieved startling... Read more »