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  • As Iran Forges Ahead With Its Nuclear Program the Trump Administration’s Criminal Incompetence Does Not Justify War
    Hardline Islamists have taken control in Iran, nuclear negotiations with Tehran have stalled, the Saudis and Israelis are restless, and talk of military action against Iran is rising. Such is the price the world is paying for the Trump administration’s criminal incompetence. Remember the halcyon days when Donald Trump proclaimed... Read more »
  • Dissecting North Korea’s Missile Tests
    North Korea is carrying out one missile test after another lately, at the same time indicating (or is it?) interest in talks with South Korea about reducing tensions. Late last month North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles from railways over the Sea of Japan, violating UN prohibitions and raising... Read more »
  • Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed
    Two civilians were killed in Iraq attacks. The post <I>Iraq Daily Roundup</I>: Two Killed appeared first on Antiwar.com Original.... Read more »
  • Iraq Daily Roundup: 17 Killed
    Seventeen people were killed in the latest violence in Iraq. The post <I>Iraq Daily Roundup</I>: 17 Killed appeared first on Antiwar.com Original.... Read more »
  • Abandoning Yemen?
    Monday, October 11, marked the official closure of the U.N. Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen (also known as the Group of Experts or GEE). For nearly four years, this investigative group examined alleged abuses suffered by Yemenis whose basic rights to food, shelter, safety, health care and education were... Read more »

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  • Imagine a World with U.S.-China Cooperation
    On September 10, 2021, during an important diplomatic meeting that occurred by telephone, U.S. President Joseph Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping affirmed the necessity of a better relationship between their two nations.  According to the official Chinese summary, Xi said that “when China and the United States cooperate, the... Read more »
  • The Fate of Cassandra: Dire Predictions Go Unheeded
    In ancient Greek mythology, Cassandra was a priestess who was able to predict the future but unable to convince others to act upon her prophecies. The fate of Cassandra seems particularly relevant today, for there has been ample warning about three developments that threaten continued human existence—preparations for nuclear war,... Read more »
  • Building Social Solidarity Across National Boundaries
    Is it possible to build social solidarity beyond the state? It’s easy to conclude that it’s not.  In 1915, as national governments produced the shocking carnage of World War I, Ralph Chaplin, an activist in the Industrial Workers of the World, wrote his stirring song, “Solidarity Forever.”  Taken up by... Read more »
  • Alex Saab, Afghanistan, and the limits of US power
    The US government will (perhaps within a month) probably succeed in extraditing businessman Alex Saab from Cape Verde. His “crime” was being an official envoy for the Venezuelan government as he attempted to negotiate the sale of medicines from Iran to Venezuela. US sanctions have declared such activity illegal. Saab... Read more »
  • Baby Teeth and the Damage to Public Health Caused by U.S. Nuclear Weapons Tests
    By Lawrence Wittner and Joseph Mangano In 2020, Harvard University’s T. C. Chan School of Public Health began a five-year study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, that will examine the connection between early life exposure to toxic metals and later-life risk of neurological disease. A collaborator with Harvard,... Read more »