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  • WWII Was Not Fought To Save Anyone From Death Camps
    If you were to listen to people justifying WWII today, and using WWII to justify the subsequent 75 years of wars and war preparations, the first thing you would expect to find in reading about what WWII actually was would be a war motivated by the need to save Jews... Read more »
  • How Do Democrats and Republicans Differ on Palestine and Israel?
    The polarized nature of American politics often makes it difficult to address fundamental differences between the country’s two main political rivals, Republicans and Democrats. As each side is intent on discrediting the other at every opportunity, unbiased information regarding the two parties’ actual stances on internal and external issues can... Read more »
  • The Guardian Is Silent About the US Using the Paper To Jail Assange
    Julian Assange is not on trial simply for his liberty and his life. He is fighting for the right of every journalist to do hard-hitting investigative journalism without fear of arrest and extradition to the United States. Assange faces 175 years in a US super-max prison on the basis of... Read more »
  • US War Crimes in Yemen: Stop Looking the Other Way
    The longstanding involvement of the United States in the conflict in Yemen is facing renewed scrutiny. On September 16, State Department officials testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about whether the State Department misled Congress – and the American people – by circumventing controls designed to limit arms sales... Read more »
  • Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed
    Three people were killed in new attacks. The post <I>Iraq Daily Roundup</I>: Three Killed appeared first on Antiwar.com Original.... Read more »