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    Reproductive rights | The Guardian

  • 'Why is it such a scandalous thing?': the women who have to fight for their right to be child-free
    The pandemic has caused many to think about whether they really want children. But practical options for those who choose not to remain limitedQueensland dance instructor Sue knew she wanted to be child free from the age of 15. It’s a decision she has never regretted. At 24, she saw... Read more »
  • Argentina legalises abortion in landmark moment for women's rights
    Country becomes only the third in South America to permit elective abortionsArgentina has become the largest Latin American country to legalise abortion after its senate approved the historic law change by 38 votes in favour to 29 against, with one abstention.Elated pro-choice campaigners who had been keeping vigil outside Buenos... Read more »
  • 'We're going to save lives': aid groups look to end of Trump's 'global gag rule'
    Joe Biden’s election as US president raises reproductive funding hopes – but some caution that reversing rule’s impact will not be quickNelly Munyasia breathed a huge sigh of relief when Joe Biden won the US election in November.“I am excited and I am hopeful that things are going to be... Read more »
  • Marie Stopes charity changes name in break with campaigner's view on eugenics
    Organisation says Black Lives Matter movement reaffirmed commitment to changing name to MSI Reproductive ChoicesMarie Stopes International (MSI) is to change its name in an attempt to break its association with the family planning pioneer.From Tuesday, the abortion and contraception provider, which operates in 37 countries, will abbreviate the initials... Read more »
  • Reproductive health NGOs pin hopes on Biden reversing ‘global gag rule’
    Next US president expected to rescind rule that blocks aid for groups providing abortion servicesOne of Joe Biden’s first acts as president is expected to be the rescinding of a rule on US foreign aid, which rights campaigners say has prevented millions of women across the globe from getting access... Read more »

    Feminism | The Guardian

  • Why is Sex and the City coming back to our screens? – podcast
    Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman discusses why Sex and the City was such a successful TV series, while the Guardian’s deputy television editor, Hannah J Davies, looks at what the reboot tells us about TV commissioning todayRachel Humphreys talks to the Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman about the television show Sex and... Read more »
  • EHRC undermined by pressure to support No 10 agenda, says ex-chair
    Exclusive: David Isaac’s criticism follows series of controversies surrounding equality watchdogBritain’s equality watchdog is being undermined by political pressure to support the government’s misguided agenda, a former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has said.The criticism from David Isaac, the chair of the organisation from 2016 until... Read more »
  • The pandemic made the childcare crisis an urgent talking point – will the US finally change things? | Arwa Mahdawi
    Will we shrug our shoulders while the American workforce hemorrhages women and millions of people fall into poverty? Related: The Chinese government is trying to rebrand forced sterilization as feminism | Arwa Mahdawi Continue reading...... Read more »
  • Betty Friedan: how to be voluble, sexy and liberated – archive, 1971
    15 January 1971 Michael Behr meets The Feminine Mystique author and leading American feministThe tall, elegant young woman in the black Stetson hat who stopped me outside the Rockefeller Centre in New York, had something important to hand to me. That is to say, it was important to her and... Read more »
  • Grace Robertson, photography pioneer, dies at 90
    Trailblazing photojournalist, regularly published in Picture Post, documented life in postwar Britain “Gentle pictures are probably dead as a dodo today,” Grace Robertson, the photographer who has died aged 90, told the Guardian in 2010, “but back then it was different.”Back then was the 1950s, when Grace worked for Picture... Read more »
20 Ted Talks to Inspire Women


    Hollaback! Together We Have the Power to End Harassment

    I reported some car dealership mechanics for driving dangerously and abusing customers’ cars in our residential streets. They began stalking and harassing me, and neither the Police (who refuse to help or stop them) or the car companies they represent (all the big ones), have stopped them. I’ve been followed... Read more »
  • VideoA Week In Our Shoes: Peach Perfect
    From Hollaback! HQ Happy Friday Hollas! Welcome to another edition of  “A Week In Our Shoes” newsletter! We keep you up to date with the latest Hollaback! news and provide all the necessary Bystander Intervention updates and much more. But before we jump into the updates… Thought for today and always:... Read more »
    A man walked up to me and said I’m too young to bear children, that I’m just a baby and I’m beautiful. [got_back] The post PUBLIC HARASSMENT: A MAN WALKED UP TO ME… appeared first on Hollaback! Together We Have the Power to End Harassment.... Read more »
  • A Week In Our Shoes: Staying Strong in the New Year
    From Hollaback! HQ Happy New Year Hollas!!! We are back and more motivated than ever to make the new year sparkle, together with you. Welcome, to the newest edition of “A Week In Our Shoes,” where we get to share with you what’s happening with us, as we strive to create... Read more »
    This happened tonight. I decided to change things up a bit and wanted to walk my dog down the Titusville Pier. There is a bridge right next to the pier and a lot of people walk the bridge for exercise, so I parked my car in the main lot used... Read more »

    Sociological Images

  • Sociology IRL
    One of the goals of this blog is to help get sociology to the public by offering short, interesting comments on what our discipline looks like out in the world. We live sociology every day, because it is the science of relationships among people and groups. But because the name... Read more »
  • VideoIs Knowing Half the Battle?
    We seem to have been struggling with science for the past few…well…decades. The CDC just updated what we know about COVID-19 in the air, misinformation about trendy “wellness products” abounds, and then there’s the whole climate crisis. This is an interesting pattern because many public science advocates put a lot... Read more »
  • Survivors or Victims?
    The #MeToo movement that began in 2017 has reignited a long debate about how to name people who have had traumatic experiences. Do we call individuals who have experienced war, cancer, crime, or sexual violence “victims”? Or should we call them “survivor,” as recent activists like #MeToo founder Tarana Burke... Read more »
  • Officer Friendly’s Adventures in Wonderland
    Many of us know the Officer Friendly story. He epitomizes liberal police virtues. He seeks the public’s respect and willing cooperation to follow the law, and he preserves their favor with lawful enforcement. The Officer Friendly story also inspired contemporary reforms that seek and preserve public favor, including what most... Read more »
  • Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen: Social Theory for Shaken Routines
    It is hard to keep up habits these days. As the academic year starts up with remote teaching, hybrid teaching, and rapidly-changing plans amid the pandemic, many of us are thinking about how to design new ways to connect now that our old habits are disrupted. How do you make... Read more »

    We Hunted The Mammoth

  • The Great Disappointment: Can QAnon survive the inauguration of Joe Biden?
    Today was supposed to be THE DAY for QAnon true believers, the day that Donald Trump and his secret military allies would swoop down upon the inauguration, arresting Biden and the Clintons and Lady Gaga and many others. in a swift and brutal crackdown on an evil cabal of politicians... Read more »
  • He’s gone, he’s really gone: Inauguration Open Thread
    I can finally unclench my jaw. Trump is out of the White House. There were no riots, no deaths today. Let’s take a few moments to appreciate this peaceful inauguration day, because this peace may not last too long.... Read more »
  • How NOT to sweep a woman off her feet, Internet Edition
    Today, what may be the cringiest attempt to slide into some unfortunate woman’s DMs that I’ve ever seen. The screenshot starts part way through a failed attempt at textual seduction with the anonymous smooth dude here trying to blast on past the first “no.” And then it just gets worse... Read more »
  • Roosh V blames The Jews for “most modern evils,” including his own
    Two years ago, the infamous pickup artist Roosh Valizadeh announced that he was giving up his life of sinful fornication and getting himself right with God. Or at least right with a right-wing God, whom he apparently met in person after taking a megadose of ‘shrooms. (No, I’m not kidding.)... Read more »
  • “If you can train dogs, you can absolutely train women,” MGTOW Redditor declares
    Over in the MGTOW subreddit, the regulars are again discussing the nature of women, as they are wont to do. Are women innately slutty and evil, or do they just not know any better? One gentleman called mrcl_hrz comes down on the “they don’t know any better” side of the... Read more »
The Journey of Women’s Rights: 1911-2015


    Karen Ingala Smith

  • Trauma-Informed Services for Women Subjected to Men’s Violence Must be Single-Sex Services
    For many women and girls, the boundaries between domestic and sexual violence and abuse, are very much blurred. For some this abuse includes prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation too. It’s not unusual for women who’ve been subjected to men’s violence to develop a trauma response. These sometimes develop... Read more »
  • Why I was rejected for Labour Party membership and my response
    Three months after applying to (re)join the Labour Party, my application was rejected. Another three months later, they told me why.... Read more »
  • Coronavirus Doesn’t Cause Men’s Violence Against Women
    Coronavirus doesn’t cause men’s violence against women, so why does it seem like men's fatal violence against women has increased? We need to ask why it seems that only or mainly men are pushed to kill because of frustrations or fears triggered by coronavirus or related restrictions. When we do,... Read more »
  • 2020
    At least 103 UK women have been killed by men (or where a man is the principal suspect) so far in 2020: 1 January 2020: Helen Almay, 39, was stabbed to death along with her partner. Helen’s estranged husband, Rhys Hancock, 39, has been charged with their murders. 1 January... Read more »
  • The importance of women only spaces and services for women and girls who’ve been subjected to men’s violence
    Speech to Scottish Parliament – January 14th 2020   nia is a charity based in north east London run by women, for women, girls and children who have been subjected to men’s violence– primarily sexual and domestic violence and abuse, including prostitution. nia has been operating for 45 years,  We... Read more »

    Latest Articles

  • Poisoned Rose
    The Bachelorette Oliver Haug Zac C. and Tayshia Adams on The Bachelorette (Photo credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin) Oliver Haug is Bitch Media’s 2021 Writing Fellow in Sexual Politics It’s Tuesday night, and I’m watching a beautiful woman pretend to be in love with 15 men.  The men jostle one another in faux-bro-camaraderie,... Read more »
  • Whatever His Kink, Armie Hammer is an Abuser
    Nicole Froio Armie Hammer attends the 22nd Annual Hollywood Film Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 4, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic,) Recently, the private Instagram account @houseofeffie alleged that they’d been emotionally and physically abused by actor Armie Hammer. The account, which... Read more »
  • This Is Exactly Who America Is
    Josie Pickens A noose is seen on makeshift gallows as supporters of President Donald Trump gather on the west side of the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021. (Photo credit: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP) My daughter’s middle name is Maude. She was named after my maternal grandmother, Rosa Maude,... Read more »
  • Get Your Freak On
    R&B Shawna Shipley-Gates Jazmine Sullivan in press photos for Heaux Tales (Photo credit: Myesha Evon Gardner) Heaux Tales, R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan’s fourth record and her first full-length project in six years, is a 14-song EP with a concentrated mission: leveling the erotic playing field for all Black women. In... Read more »
  • Royal Representation
    screen review Aditi Natasha Kini Regé-Jean Page as Simon Basset, left, and Phoebe Dynevor as Daphne Bridgerton in Bridgerton (Photo credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix) Bridgerton, in many ways, is just another period piece. Based on the eight novels by Julia Quinn that are collectively known as the Bridgerton Series and released... Read more »


    Feminist Magazine

  • FM Jan 19: Afrofuturist Dreaming / South Asian Writers Resist
      This week on Feminist Magazine : with host Lynn Harris Ballen :: FIRST … Sehba Sarwar talks to Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed and Neelanjana Banerjee about needs amidst LA’s South Asian community to create connections past national borders. Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed is a political strategist, storyteller, and artist. She has... Read more »
  • FM Jan 12 : New South Justice / Operation Period / Tragedy of Heterosexuality
      This week on Feminist Magazine : with host Lynn Harris Ballen :: FIRST … In a week of turmoil after the insurgent attack on the Capitol, motivated by election results, we hear about the coalition of black and brown led movements that helped win this election for the Democrats... Read more »
  • FM Jan 5: Migration Solidarity / Artists in Revolutionary Socio-Political Movements
    Looking back at 2020 on Feminist Magazine … we’ve brought you stories about how folks have been dealing with crises during the pandemic year – domestic violence, unhoused women & families, incarcerated women, and migrants. And we covered Election stories from grassroots activists. and reports from the frontlines of Racial Justice... Read more »
  • FM Dec 22: #SayHerName: Black Women, Police Violence, & Abolition / The Hope Desk
    This week on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen :: FIRST … 2020 will mark six years since #SayHerName, the movement to draw greater awareness and action around Black female victims of police and state violence, was created by the African American Policy Forum. Why is that the deaths of... Read more »
  • FM Nov 24: Post-Election Transnational Feminists/ Feminist SciFi / Cherrie Moraga
    THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen :: FIRST…  Election reactions: KPFA Women’s Magazine’s Margo Okazawa-Rey talks to transnational feminists from four countries & asked them what difference the new administration could make for the lives of the women in their country? We hear from Ruth-Gaby Vermot, former... Read more »
Tavi Gevinson

    Feminist Majority Foundation

  • “The Hill We Climb”: Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman Makes Her Mark
    Millions of Americans were inspired by Wednesday’s inauguration ceremony, at which the first Black, Asian and female vice president took her oath of office. But perhaps equally moving was the contribution of 22-year-old Amanda Gorman, the youngest poet to ever speak at a presidential inauguration—demonstrating the strength of a new generation at... Read more »
  • Biden Nominates Transgender Woman as Assistant Health Secretary at HHS
    On Tuesday, President Joe Biden nominated Pennsylvania health secretary Dr. Rachel Levine as the assistant health secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). If confirmed by the Senate, Levine will be the first transgender woman to hold the position. Levine was appointed to her current post by... Read more »
  • Two Female Afghan Supreme Court Judges Assassinated as Violent Terrorist Attacks Increase
    On Sunday, in yet another targeted attack by the Taliban, two women judges on the Supreme Court of Afghanistan were shot and killed in Kabul. Two other employees of the Court were wounded in the same attack. The judges, along with their colleagues, were on their way to work in the morning... Read more »
  • BREAKING: Biden Announces Formation of White House Gender Policy Council
    Today, President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris announced the creation of the White House Gender Policy Council, which will be co-chaired by Jennifer Klein and Julissa Reynoso.  The goal of the Council is to facilitate government policy that positively impacts women and girls on a range of issues including health... Read more »
  • President-Elect Joe Biden Promises Progressive Policies on Day One
    Since Joe Biden announced his bid for the Presidency almost two years ago, he has spoken about his plans for his early days in office, many of them being plans to reverse regressive Trump policies. As tomorrow is Biden’s first day as President, he has announced a specific list of... Read more »

    Global Media Girl

    GGM Los Angeles reporters investigate how the Covid-19 crisis has impacted their education, and how online classes, school administrators, students, and teachers are coping.... Read more »
    Profile of the incredible former CA State Senator Holly Mitchell, who recently won a seat on the L.A. County Supervisor in the November 2020 election. This is a big job: each Supervisor represents a little over 2 million people and controls the annual Los Angeles County budget. We talk about... Read more »
    For this second in the Activista Series, we talk with SUPER STAR campaign manager Lenee Richards– the woman in charge of Holly Mitchell’s campaign for LA County Supervisor. She tells us what motivates her work…and her view that being authentic & embracing who we are is the key to our... Read more »
    In the second episode of our new series “Young, Woke, & Free” GGM LA reporters follow Natalie, who organized a Black Lives Matter protest in Burbank, going up against people in her own family who doubted her. “If you know what you believe in, you know what’s right, and somebody... Read more »
    In the first episode of our new series “Young, Woke, & Free” GGM L.A. reporters get out into the streets and meet Black Lives Matter protestor Lila who shares what inspires and motivates her activism.... Read more »

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