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  • Cat Bohannon on evolution, menopause and why she was happy to donate her eggs to a friend
    In an extract from her new book about how the female body drove human evolution, the writer ponders ovaries, pregnancy and why sperm and eggs behave so differently • How women drove evolution: Cat Bohannon on her radical new history of humanityHere’s a modern love story for you: a friend... Read more »
  • Texas lawyer asks abortion funds for details of every procedure since 2021
    Architect of state’s six-week ban asks for information including identity of people who may have helped patient get abortionThe attorney and architect of the Texas six-week abortion ban has asked several Texas abortion funds to hand over information about every abortion that they have “assisted or facilitated in any way”... Read more »
  • ‘The model is not working’: US midwives navigate legal limbo as they save lives
    Lack of legislation leaves midwives vulnerable to prosecution as home births rise amid growing maternal mortality ratesStar August Ali has become used to living in legal limbo.Ali, the first Black certified professional midwife in the state of Illinois, helps women give birth within the comfort of their homes. As she... Read more »
  • With Woman: the high stakes for a home-birth midwife in the US
    Star is a Black midwife who helps Black women give birth in the comfort of their homes, in the state of Illinois. She is part of a long-established African-American tradition of home-birth midwifery, which is currently in a legal gray area across a number of US states, with midwives unable... Read more »
  • Ohio supreme court battle over six-week abortion ban begins
    Ruling in key case could throw November vote on whether to enshrine abortion rights in Ohio constitution into chaosAbortion rights supporters and foes will square off in the Ohio supreme court on Wednesday over whether the state should be allowed to ban abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy,... Read more »
20 Ted Talks to Inspire Women

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  • THEM & M’s: Sexualized Media and Emphasized Femininity
    Over the course of the past year, M&M’s have been plastered all over the news, social media, and even Super Bowl commercials. In January 2022, Mars Wrigley gave the brown M&M shorter heels and replaced the green M&M’s boots with sneakers in a push toward more inclusive marketing.  What resulted... Read more »
  • TV Doesn’t Have Space For Fatness
    Television distorts, mocks and marginalizes fat people. Fat characters are reduced to caricatures whose stories and identities aren’t developed and don’t matter. In one study by Tzoutzou et al., all 36 compliments about appearance given to women were for thin women. Not one positive message was included for a woman... Read more »
  • From Redlining to the Court: How Systemic Racism Shaped Basketball Culture in NYC
    Picture this. Walking down 135th street in Harlem, you spot a park in the distance. As you walk closer, you hear a basketball bouncing and kids yelling. It’s a small, outdoor court, well-maintained with fresh paint and a sturdy chain-link fence surrounding it. The ball is constantly in motion, being... Read more »
  • Dating While Trans
    In recent years, sociologists have given attention to hookup culture and other modern forms of dating. Too often, however, this discussion ignores the experiences of trans people, and occasionally it focuses too narrowly on the college campus, ignoring the current prevalence of dating apps among many age groups. Focusing on... Read more »
  • Locking Down ISIS
    Lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on all kinds of social behaviors, from discrimination to civic engagement and protests. What effect has the pandemic had on more extreme behaviors, like terrorist attacks from groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)? Many armed actors, such as... Read more »

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  • Feeling stuck with your writing? I’m giving away FREE writing coach sessions
    Are you suffering from writer’s block or any other writing malady? Looking for help structuring an article or book? I’m giving away FREE hour-long, no-strings-attached WRITING COACH sessions via phone or Zoom. See here for more information about what I offer. And then contact me at Usually, I only... Read more »
  • Russell Brand accused of multiple rapes: Open thread
    “Comedian” and conspiracy theorist Russell Brand has been accused of rape and abuse by multiple women, according to an extensively reported story in the Times (UK). Somehow this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Here’s a summary of the charges as reported in the story: The comedian and actor... Read more »
  • Psst! You can hire me as a writing coach: A reminder and an update
    Hey! As you may recall, several months ago, I hung out my shingle as an editor and writing coach. Now, I’d like to replace that shingle with a slightly different one: I’m dropping the line editing to focus on coaching and developmental editing for anyone at work on (or contemplating)... Read more »
  • Racist Jacksonville shooter: Open thread
    The white shooter painted swastikas on his guns and left behind several racist manifestos; he apparently intended to kill students at the historically black Edward Waters University but was chased away by security and went to a Dollar General store instead. He killed three black shoppers and then himself. This... Read more »
  • VideoThank you and goodnight: WHTM is going on hiatus
    So, yeah, as the headline says, We Hunted the Mammoth is going on an indefinite hiatus. For the last few months, I have been trying to make this work, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it won’t. As you know, I have been struggling to raise enough money to... Read more »
The Journey of Women’s Rights: 1911-2015


    Karen Ingala Smith

  • Nevertheless, I persisted
    Why I still wanted to be in the Labour Party I left Labour in a fit of pique in 2018 when the then General secretary, Jennie Formby, announced that all-women-shortlists would no longer be women only. I applied to join again in December 2019 after the election defeat. I wanted... Read more »
  • Picking our targets
    Neither Jess Phillips nor Brianna Ghey will be mine. Today, for the eighth year running, in the Parliamentary International Women’s Day debate, MP Jess Phillips read out the names of women in the UK who have been killed since the previous years IWD debate and where a man or men... Read more »
  • My speech at the Labour Women’s Declaration Fringe Meeting at the Labour Party Conference 2022
    What do women need from the Labour Manifesto? The last Labour manifesto fell well short of pledging to develop an ambitious strategy to end sexual and domestic violence and abuse, and prostitution.  However, it did say that a Labour government would, “Ensure that the single-sex-based ‘exemptions’ contained in the Equality... Read more »
  • 2022
    108 UK women killed by men or where a man is the principal suspect Waiting for further information regarding charging or other circumstances in relation to the deaths of Zoe Nicklin, Charlotte Hibbert, Naomi Hunte, Susan Ioannou, Shannon Beirne, Danielle Ejogbamu, Monika Eisen, Saffia Jameelia Davy, Woman, Scarborough, Sarah Ashcroft,... Read more »
  • Remember her too
    The speech I gave at the femicide vigil at FiLiA 2021 In the first three days of 2012, 8 women in the UK were killed through men’s violence.  Three days, 8 dead women: 3 shot, 1 stabbed, 1 stabbed and beaten so hard with her own walking stick that the... Read more »


      Feminist Magazine

    • FM Sept 20, 2023 : How To Hack Birth Control / Motherful
      THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen :  FIRST …  We talk to director Sassy Mohen about her fab digital comedy series “How to Hack Birth Control” – ways for us to navigate & take charge in today’s contraception universe. AND …  a single moms collective in Ohio holds... Read more »
    • FM Aug 30, 2023: Women’s World Cup / bell hooks
      THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen : FIRST … Just over a week ago Spain won the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup – a huge victory for the team. But the news cycle since hasn’t been celebrating the brilliant players, instead all the coverage has been... Read more »
    • FM Aug 23, 2023: Re-Imagine LA / Measure J / Revolutionary Mothering
      THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen :  FIRST  … In 2020, 2 million voters approved Measure J – an investment in community services and alternatives to incarceration in Los Angeles County. But after interference by law enforcement special interest groups, the California Court of Appeal finally upheld the will of voters and... Read more »
    • FM Aug 16, 2023 : Feminist Bookstore News / Abolition Feminism
      THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen :  FIRST  … For so many of us, Feminist bookstores hold a special place in our hearts. If you’re lucky enough to have one in your town or city, or if you’ve ever had one near you – you’ll know what a gift they can... Read more »
    • FM Aug 2, 2023: Why Sinead O’Connor Matters / Criminalized DV Survivors
      THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen :  FIRST … The singer, songwriter, activist and truthteller Sinead O’Connor passed away last week at age 56. And there’s been a huge outpouring of memories and tributes.Fans are heartbroken, photos and video clips are being shared all over social media... Read more »
    Tavi Gevinson

      Global Girl Media

    • Global Girl Media celebrates an active summer!
      Simultaneous training in London, Johannesburg, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Stay tuned for reports from young women who lensing critical topics in their lives and communities. Because what matters to them matters to us! Thankful to our supporters and funders who make that happen!... Read more »
    • 2023 Summer Media Training Application
      APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 30, 2023 TRAINING LOCATION: Mount Saint Mary’s University Hollywood Film Studio TRAINING DURATION: July 10th – August 4th CLASS TIME: Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm REGISTER HERE Questions? Email: (GGMLA Program Director)... Read more »
      This is Yalda’s Hakim interview at the GGM’s UK film festival in 2021.... Read more »
      Zara Janjua, as guest speaker at GGM’s UK film festival in 2021, talked about “Career in media”.... Read more »
      We are GGMSA, GlobalGirl Media South Africa, a non-profit that has powerful global sisters. Our international umbrella organization was born right here in SA. Global filmmakers and journalists saw the need for girls’ voices to be heard during the 2010 Soccer World Cup. They formed GlobalGirl Media which continues to... Read more »

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    Pantisocracy Season 5 E1: The Big Pause : Lisa Lambe sings 'Holding Back The Tide'

    • Pantisocracy Season 5 E1: The Big Pause : Lisa Lambe sings 'Holding Back The Tide'

    • Lisa McInerney: ‘The Glorious Heresies’ excerpt - Pantisocracy S4 E8

    • Elaine Feeney: "Rise" - Pantisocracy S4 E7

    • The Panti Monologue: 'Sex in the Digital City' - Pantisocracy S4 E8

    • The Pant Monologue ‘Sisters Are Doing It (for themselves)’ - Pantisocracy S4 E7

    • Fehdah: 'N'Saheli' - Pantisocracy S4 E7

    • Fehdah: Amhrán Mhuínse - Pantisocracy S4 E7

    • Leanne Harte: 'Wrote Away' - Pantisocracy S4 E8

    • Leanne Harte: 'Restless Sleepers' - Pantisocracy S4 E8

    • Nina Hynes: "Raging Fire" - Pantisocracy S4 E7

    • Nina Hynes: "Vagina" - Pantisocracy S4 E7

    • Tolu Makay: 'Goodbye' - Pantisocracy S4 E5

    • Síobhra Quinlan with Maebh McKenna: 'Flux'- Pantisocracy S4 E5

    • Declan O'Rourke: 'The Stars Over Kinvara'- Pantisocracy S4 E5

    • Steo Wall: 'Borstal Boy' - Pantisocracy S4 E6

    • Steo Wall: 'Ancient Wisdom' - Pantisocracy S4 E6

    • Caleb Kunle: 'Boogieman' - Pantisocracy S4 E6

    • Caleb Kunle: 'Beautiful' - Pantisocracy S4 E6

    • The Panti Monologue: 'Sticks and Stones' - Pantisocracy S4 E6

    • Erin Fornoff: 'Home'- Pantisocracy S4 E5

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    Marguerite Kearns

    Passing the torch of freedom & equality

    • Passing the torch of freedom & equality

    • Española Farmers Market has great produce!

    • Reading the Memoir and Family History by Marguerite Kearns

    • Happy Chinese New Year to "An Unfinished Revolution"

    • Sesame noodles for the Chinese New Year!

    • Suffrage Wagon Cooking School is a fun place to visit!

    • #Suffering for Suffrage—It's a free virtual race on Nov. 1, 2020 that will build determination and courage!

    • Marguerite Kearns talks about her suffrage activist grandparents—Edna Kearns & Wilmer Kearns!

    • A Toast to those Suffragists who came before us!

    • Overview of early women's rights on Suffrage Wagon News Channel!

    • Marguerite Kearns introduces the book, "An Unfinished Revolution"

    • Women are written into U.S. history!

    • Food—Upside down cake was a family affair at the Kearns household! Suffrage Wagon Cafe.

    • "Why am I the way I am?" Video from Marguerite Kearns.

    • The story of Edna and Bess—An Unfinished Revolution

    • The Women's Rights Movement was Out in Front during Centennial!

    • A Quaker Family of Activists during the Women's Suffrage Campaigning Era!

    • A Memoir by Marguerite Kearns—"An Unfinished Revolution"

    • A Virtual Visit to a Quaker Burial Ground in Pennsylvania

    • VOTE: It's a Right That Didn't Come Easy!

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    • FTN_BioArt_V2.2021.mp4

    • Keyword- Support

    • Veronica Paredes, Center For Solutions to Online Violence - Research Ethics and Social Media

    • micha cárdenas, Center For Solutions to Online Violence - Research Ethics and Social Media

    • Joss Greene, Center For Solutions to Online Violence - Research Ethics and Social Media

    • Izetta Autumn Mobley, Center For Solutions to Online Violence - Research Ethics and Social Media

    • Dorothy Kim, Center For Solutions to Online Violence - Research Ethics and Social Media

    • Alexandrina Agloro, Center For Solutions to Online Violence - Research Ethics and Social Media

    • FemTechNet Conference Radnote Dialogue "Organic Intellectualism: DJ Scholarship, Black Feminism and Erasure Resistance"

    • FemTechNet Conference Panel on Activism

    • FemTechNet Conference Panel on Mapping

    • FemTechNet Conference Panel on Labor

    • Introduction to FemTechNet's DOCC & Conference Overview

    • Performance FemTech Audio_Dec22

    • New Media Feminist Collaborations in Istanbul, Turkey

    • Re-Booting the Student Body as a Feminist Server

    • #Global Women Write In

    • Feminism, Technology, and Systems

    • Publish. New Forms of Feminist Digital Writing, Review, & Distribution

    • Systems: Games

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    ASOS - Go Play

    • ASOS - Go Play

    • Nike "The Force is Female"

    • FXX - Simpsons ID - Fluid

    • Stop Telling Women To Smile

    • kittykat96

    • Shakn "Manifiesto femenino"

    • July

    • Gretel - National Geographic Channel On Air Elements Stringout

    • Karen Palmer – The Future of Immersive Filmmaking

    • downtowngirlsbball



    • Blend 2017: Save the Date!

    • An Autobiography | Trailer

    • Why Not Now

    • SOMEBODY (Miranda July, 2014)

    • Pete Parkkonen "Kohta sataa"

    • Le clitoris - Animated Documentary (2016)

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