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  • ‘It’s a public health risk’: nurse decries infection control at US anti-abortion crisis center
    A Kentucky nurse tried to hold a pregnancy center accountable for the problems she saw – but such facilities are subject to little regulationAt 52, Susan Rames was looking for a way to give back. She worked part-time at a Kentucky hospital as a postpartum nurse and, with her three... Read more »
  • Abortion: twenty states threaten to sue CVS and Walgreens over mail-order pills
    Letter from Republican attorneys general warns pharmacies sale of abortion pills by mail in their states would violate lawsAttorneys general in 20 conservative-led states have warned CVS and Walgreens that they could face legal consequences if they sell abortion pills by mail in those states.A letter sent on Wednesday from... Read more »
  • George Washington University installs emergency contraception vending machine
    Students led effort over concern for reproductive rights after supreme court struck down constitutional right to abortionA vending machine that provides emergency contraception has been installed at a Washington DC university, as colleges contend with how to protect reproductive rights on campus.Students at George Washington University successfully obtained the vending... Read more »
  • Why are women in Britain having to travel hundreds of miles to get an abortion? podcast
    Record numbers of abortions are being carried out and services are struggling to cope. Why is the system under so much pressure and what toll is it taking on women?An unprecedented demand for abortions in the UK is leading to a crisis in abortion services. While women in the early... Read more »
  • Roe v Wade: US women win abortion rights – archive, January 1973
    23 January 1973: The supreme court rules that a woman has a near-absolute right to an abortion, but only in the first three months of her pregnancyWashington, 22 JanuaryIn a long awaited decision the United States supreme court ruled today that a woman has a near-absolute right to an abortion,... Read more »
20 Ted Talks to Inspire Women

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  • Sitcoms and Social Networks
    Social networks are a great way to introduce people to the power of Sociology. In my Intro class, I make a point to show students the way their social networks shape the spread of divorce, how people ask for help, and the surprisingly tangled world of dating. Now there’s a... Read more »
  • Crying Over Gochujang
    It is good to be a Korean today because the world is fascinated with Koreanness, from K-pop to K-dramas, K-movies, K-food, K-fashion, and K-beauty. It is no exaggeration to say that Korean culture has become synonymous with being cool and being hip. Things were quite different, however, not too long... Read more »
  • Happy New Year?
    As the new year brings in a new peak in COVID cases across the country, we all have a right to feel a little down in the dumps. One trend picked up by surveys earlier in the pandemic was a drop in self-reported happiness. Now, with a new year of... Read more »
  • Back to Basics: Selling Sociology
    Despite, well, everything, we are trying to get back into the classroom as much as we can at the start of a new academic year. I am scheduled to teach Introduction to Sociology for the first time this coming spring and planning the course this fall. Whether in person or... Read more »
  • VideoWork Ahead: Cones, Vests, and Masks
    A few years ago, I bought two orange traffic cones at a hardware store for twenty bucks. It was one of the best, most stress-relieving purchases I made. Parking space is scarce in big cities. In our car-centered culture, the rare days you absolutely need a large truck in a... Read more »
The Journey of Women’s Rights: 1911-2015


    Karen Ingala Smith

  • My speech at the Labour Women’s Declaration Fringe Meeting at the Labour Party Conference 2022
    What do women need from the Labour Manifesto? The last Labour manifesto fell well short of pledging to develop an ambitious strategy to end sexual and domestic violence and abuse, and prostitution.  However, it did say that a Labour government would, “Ensure that the single-sex-based ‘exemptions’ contained in the Equality... Read more »
  • 2022
    107 UK women killed by men or where a man is the principal suspect Waiting for further information regarding charging or other circumstances in relation to the deaths of Zoe Nicklin, Charlotte Hibbert, Naomi Hunte, Susan Ioannou, Shannon Beirne, Danielle Ejogbamu, Monika Eisen, Saffia Jameelia Davy, Woman, Scarborough, Sarah Ashcroft,... Read more »
  • Remember her too
    The speech I gave at the femicide vigil at FiLiA 2021 In the first three days of 2012, 8 women in the UK were killed through men’s violence.  Three days, 8 dead women: 3 shot, 1 stabbed, 1 stabbed and beaten so hard with her own walking stick that the... Read more »
  • Sex differences in intimate partner homicide (England and Wales) April 2009 to March 2020
    One day, people might stop asking me ‘What about the men?’ but that day isn’t here yet. This is the third time I’ve written a blog comparing sex differences in intimate partner homicide but it’s five years since the last time and so it’s time for an update. This information... Read more »
  • Truth, lies and Storytelling
    I overheard a discussion on Radio Four’s Today programme this morning (8 June 2021) that contained such a blatant piece of misinformation imparted by Benjamin Cohen, CEO of Pink News, that I felt compelled to transcribe it. Justin Webb: Just on the point about abolishing legal provisions for single sex... Read more »


      Feminist Magazine

    • FM Feb 1, 2023: Campus Sexual Harrassment / Abolition Needs Feminism
      THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen :: Last week Harvard students staged a walkout of their first class of the spring semester. The action was in solidarity with grad students who had filed a lawsuit against the university – alleging that Harvard ignored Sexual Harassment complaints against Prof.... Read more »
    • FM Jan 25, 2023: Las Fotos Project / Post-Roe Abortion Access Part 2
      THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen ::  FIRST … Las Fotos Project  inspires teen girls and gender expansive youth through mentorship and the power of photography – to explore identity, community, and careers.  We talk to Carolina Ferreira and Stephanie Gutierrez – two alumni who are now on staff – about how... Read more »
    • FM Jan 18, 2023: Unsung Civil Rights (S)heroes: Ella Baker & Fanny Lou Hamer
      THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen – in the week of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, we look at some of the unsung Heroines of the civil rights struggle and how we walk in their footsteps. FIRST … the documentary FANNIE LOU HAMER’S AMERICA could not... Read more »
    • FM Jan 4, 2023: Post-Roe Mutual Aid / Why Patti Smith Matters
      THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen :  FIRST … Since the loss of federal protection, access to Abortion Care has become more difficult, especially in the south, the plains and the Midwest, but the movement for reproductive justice has only strengthened. From Making Contact / The... Read more »
    • FM Dec 14, 2022 :: Say Her Name / Motherful Mutual Aid
      THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen :   2022 will mark eight years since #SayHerName, the movement to draw greater awareness and action around Black female victims of police and state violence, was created by the African American Policy Forum.  Why is that the deaths of Black women at the hands... Read more »
    Tavi Gevinson

      Feminist Majority Foundation

    • Midterm elections deliver major victories for abortion rights
      While votes continue to be tallied following yesterday’s midterm election, results show resounding support for abortion rights across the country. Five states had reproductive freedom directly on their ballots, and polls demonstrated that abortion rights were a major concern for many voters, especially young women, on either side of the... Read more »
    • New Survey: Concern Over Abortion and Equal Rights Top Inflationby 22 Points as Main Drivers of Young Women’s Vote in Battleground States
      A new Ms. magazine and Feminist Majority Foundation poll by Lake Research Partners across nine battleground states* finds that among young women voters, ages 18-29, abortion and women’s rights are the most important and highly motivating issues in determining their vote. And among women voters of all ages in battleground... Read more »
    • Iranian Women Leading Unprecedented Protests
      “Woman. Life. Freedom.” This is the chant that has been heard around the world as Iranian women lead an unprecedented revolution for freedom in their country. The nationwide protests were triggered by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in the custody of the morality police after she was... Read more »
    • Increased Attacks against Hazaras in Afghanistan; Mostly Girls and Women Killed and Wounded
      Since the Taliban takeover, Human Rights Watch has documented 16 attacks against Hazaras that have killed and wounded at least 700 people. The September 30th attack on an educational center in a predominantly Hazara neighborhood of Kabul killed 53 and injured more than 110 people, all of whom were recent... Read more »
    • Biden Moves to Reduce Student Debt
      Student loan debt disproportionately affect students of color and women. On August 24th, President Biden announced new student loan debt relief. The relief is up to $10,000 for individuals earning less than $125,000 per year and for households earning less than $250,000 a year. Those that received Pell grants for... Read more »

      Global Girl Media

      GGM reporters set out to understand the historically black, significant and creative neighborhood of Leimert Park in Los Angeles, and how gentrification has changed it’s distinct character recently, by interviewing locals, artists and entrepreneurs who have lived there for years.... Read more »
    • GGM Greece at Athens Democracy Forum
      Global Girls from our Greek chapter attending the 10th Athens Democracy Forum, interviewing women participants on how gender issues are linked to democracy.... Read more »
      We’re proud to be one of 68 grantee partners of the @BlackGirlFreedomFund (BGFF), an initiative of @GrantmakersForGirlsOfColor. Selected by their Grantmaking Council of Black girls, femmes and gender-expansive youth ages 14-22, these grants will support the leadership and organizing capacity of Black girls in 23 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto... Read more »
      We are so honored to announce that our  Greek chapter’s documentary short film “Escape to Justice” is among the winners of 47th Annual Gracie Awards. Congratulations to the film’s team of producer/directors/editors: Eli Fazlohah Sude Faslohah Andriana Theochari Eleni Spyrou Sara Pata We want to congratulate all the inspirational women... Read more »
      Global Girl Media Greece hosts a very special evening in Athens, October 2, 2021. OVER TO HER is a podcast and video series produced by GGM Greece to promote the goals of the United Nation’s Gender Equality Forum. Six videos and an ongoing podcast celebrate the current #metoo movement, broken... Read more »

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