The Campaign for Social Justice in Northern Ireland issued this report on 15th June 1969.

They and many others had been campaigning for social justice since the start of the decade and earlier.

The pamphlet reproduced here is a copy of an original 2nd edition published in 1969.
There are no added words or defacements.
Some copies online and in University libraries have been defaced with various additions such as
“Communist Party”- red stamp “The British Army sorted this out” & “The British Army changed all this”

A link to another un-defaced copy online is provided below.



The British “Cameron Report” of August 1969 recognised that the injustice had produced a powder keg and predicted that “…..without these reforms and changes there would be grave risk of further and more serious disorders in the future which, if they occurred, would inevitably rouse more bitter and more irreconcilable passions on either side.”





Un-defaced online copy